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Trout and Catfish on Berryessa, Shop Update, 9 mm Special

What's New in the Shop?

First cast:

What's new in the shop Mid-March update.

  • Optimizer Junior Lures - Just re-ordered. Have most colors in stock today

  • Okuma Striper budget Setups for Spinning and Trolling

  • 20% off all Crab Hoop Nets

  • New Biodegradable Live Bait Containers

  • Top Striper Trolling and Casting Lures

  • New Fishing boots and bibs by Tingly


Live Bait Inventory Update

  • Live Pile Worm

  • Medium Minnows

  • XL Minnows

Working on getting Grass and Ghost shrimp. Call the shop for details.


Second cast:

The pallet is here! Stock up on 9mm Target Ammo: $299 for 1000 rounds.

Stop by the shop and grab your ammo today, while supplies last.


Third cast:

J&J Tackle Dodgers - Large Selection available. Take a look at our interview with John.

Fourth cast:

Hook Big Catfish with Bait They Can't Resist

Have you ever battled a 20-pound catfish? It's an epic fight you won't forget! But how do you lure these giants to your line?

For catfishing strategy, tactics, and video continue reading on the Catch Happy blog.

Fishing Reports

Napa River


All the rains bring Sturgeon into our river system. It's bait fishing time!

Use live Grass or Ghost Shrimp, Pile Worms, Salmon roe, or Eel threaded onto a barbless hook, wrapped with magic thread (twine), and terminated with a bait button.

It's important to keep your bait on the bottom with a 4-16 ounce (tide speed dependant) sinker and, ideally, a weighted leader.

Regardless of the bait used, the key to success is getting out on the water and enjoying the experience. The river currently has a high population of hungry sturgeon, and with the improved weather, conditions are excellent for fishing.

For gear, bait, and the latest fishing information, stop by our shop. Guided trips are also available for booking.

Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa Fishing Report - Early Season Update by Big Nate Guide Service

Date: March 20th

The fish were incredibly active, jumping out of the water, tangling lines, and putting on a spectacular fight. Spoons trolled with downriggers at depths around 25 feet and speeds between 3.2 and 3.5 mph proved to be the most effective technique. The aggressive bite resulted in some intense releases off the downriggers.

Trout fishing is red hot on the lake right now.

Fly Fishing Report from the Bend Co: Northern California's Rivers and Creeks Heating Up

As we move further into the spring season, fishing conditions in Northern California are showing significant improvement. From the creeks to the rivers, anglers are finding success with a variety of techniques and fly patterns.

Putah Creek:

The flows on Putah Creek have dropped to 143cfs as of today. They’ve been fluctuating a ton lately. The same fly patterns are working as before smaller olive or black streamers. Zebra midge, mayfly’s pmd’s and bwos, Caddis and worms. (Pro tip) working on getting your dead drift dialed is going to be key in tricking the ultra-picky Putah Creek rainbows to eat.

Trinity River:

The Trinity River continues to provide outstanding fishing opportunities. Flows in Lewiston are currently around 300 cfs, while downstream in Junction City, the river is flowing at approximately 1,000 cfs. The water color is a perfect steelhead green, indicating prime conditions for targeting these magnificent fish. A good number of steelhead remain in the system, including fresh fish and those making their way back to the ocean. Traditional steelhead flies such as red copper johns, rubber legs, and mayfly patterns are producing well. The ever-popular squirmy worm is also a reliable choice for enticing steelhead.

Lower Sacramento River:

After a period of high water, the Lower Sacramento River has returned to fishable levels. While still running high at 15,900 cfs out of Keswick Dam, the flow has decreased significantly from the previous 40,000 cfs. Anglers are finding success by focusing on caddis and mayfly patterns, as the fish are actively feeding on these insects.

As conditions continue to improve, anglers can look forward to even more productive fishing throughout Northern California's rivers and creeks. Whether you're targeting steelhead on the Trinity, trout on Putah Creek, or a variety of species on the Lower Sacramento, now is an excellent time to get out on the water and enjoy the fantastic fishing opportunities available.


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