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Napa Weekly Fishing Report and Outdoor Digest - June 3rd, 2022

This Week at Sweeney's

Hello and welcome to This Week at Sweeney's! Thank you for reading and thank you for your business. All of us here at Sweeney's truly appreciate it.

This week we are taking you on a Kokanee catch & cook fishing trip to Lake New Melones, providing Napa's fishing report, along with hunting, camping, archery, and gun shop updates.

Let's get started!

This week in Fishing

Alex and I (Austin) headed to New Melones this week to target Kokane. Alex has been to this lake once a long time ago and it was my first time ever being there. I did some research and watched some videos before we went on this trip, but I had no clue what was in store for us when we got there. I just stuck with what I know and what worked for me and it paid off.

Just like our other Kokanee trips we used Scotty electric downriggers, Okuma SST Pro kokanee rods with line counter reels to know how far my setbacks were behind the boat. Our main line was 8LB P-line. We used Double D kokanee tackle dodgers and spinners, also used J&J tackle dodgers paired with Double D spinners and Paulina peak flutter bugs and spinners as well tipped with Pautzke fire corn. Kept my trolling speed around 1.5 which seemed to be the best for me.

Alex and I started trolling around 6:30 in a general area I did some research on and started putting rods in the downriggers and we had fish on right away. It was steady action for us all morning and we had our two limits by 8:30 in the morning. I was not expecting to have a day as we did but as you'll see in the video we had an amazing day. We kept our tactics simple and did what we knew how to do and just fished and it worked out for us. It's amazing seeing new lakes and traveling. All the gear we use in the video you can find at Sweeney's Sports in Napa. We camped and pan-fried delicious Kokanee fillets. Watch the video for tips on how to catch and cook Kokanee on New Melones.

This week in Hunting

Well, the annual Big Game draw deadline has come and gone. Hopefully, everyone got their picks in on time. Good Luck!!

While we are all waiting for the results it’s time to start getting ready for the upcoming season. If you haven’t played around with trail cameras now is the time. Using trail cameras is a great way to see how your deer herd quality is doing and what big bucks you might have hanging around. Plus checking the cameras is a whole lot of fun. Come down and check out the new Spy Point cellular cameras, and combo packs from Stealth Cam.

This week in Camping

Headed out on a camping trip and need a new cooler, Sweeney's has it covered. This week we finally have seen a few Yeti Coolers coming in. We received Roadies, Tundra 45, 65, and 75’s with more on the way. We also have a selection of Canyon and BLUE coolers.

Come check the two new colors of mugs from Yeti, they will be going out the door fast.

This weekend we will be running a promotional sale on our shop logo travel mugs at $15.99 each. Normally priced at $24.99 this is a great deal on a high-quality mug sporting our shop logo.

Fishing Report

This week on our home water the Napa River, the striper bite is starting to pick back up. We have had a few slow weeks, but that seems to be changing. We are getting reports of stripers being caught trolling or casting a variety of lures. Fishing with cut anchovies, or sardines have been catching the small schoolies with a few keepers mixed in. We are fully stocked up on all the Napa River favorites, but come down to the shop and talk with the guys about what lures have been hot. New this week at the shop is the introduction to inflatable Kayaks and Standup Boards. We are excited to carry the brand Solstice in the shop. Solstice boards and Kayaks are a very solid option at a competitive price. Come down and check them out.

This week in Archery

It’s summertime, and it’s time to break out those bows for some backyard fun. We carry a nice variety of Recurve bows to fit the whole family. We can set you up with all the accessories, targets, and arrows for some summertime archery fun.

Archery Deer season is just around the corner with the opener set for July 9th. Now is the time to get those bows tuned and broadheads flying true. Schedule an appointment, or drop your bow off for a tuneup, or a complete restring job. We are well stocked up on all the popular broadheads, plus a new shipment of the Annihilator broadheads will be in any day!

This week at Gun Shop



US869 Rifle Powder

Triple 7 Muzzleloader Propellant

Pyrodex Muzzleloader Propellant


TAC Rifle Powder


5744 Magnum Handgun Powder


Caliber Brand/Type Nontoxic

.22 WMR CCI Shotshell ⅛ oz 12 shot

.22 LR CCI Quiet Segmented Hollow Point 40 gr

9MM Federal Syntech FMJ 115 gr

Browning FMJ 115 gr

Sar USA FMJ 124 gr

Sierra 124 gr Jacketed Hollow Point Yes

Hornady Critical Defense115 gr Hollow Point

Hornady Critical Duty 124 gr +P Hollow Point

Hornady Critical Defense Lite 100 gr Hollow Point

.40 S&W

Magtech 180gr FMJ

Sellier & Bellot 180 gr FMJ

Winchester 165 gr FMJ

CCI Blazer 165 gr

.45 ACP Sellier & Bellot 230 gr FMJ

.223 Winchester 55 gr FMJ

.308 Hornady Outfitter 165 gr CX Yes

Barnes 168 gr TTSX BT Yes

6.5 Creedmore

Hornady Outfitter 120 gr CX Yes

Hornady Precision Hunter 143 gr ELD-X

.270 Hornady Outfitter 130 gr CX Yes

.30-06 Hornady Superperformance 165 gr CX Yes

Hornady Outfitter 180 gr CX Yes

Winchester Copper Impact 150 gr Yes

12GA Winchester Deer Season XP 2 ¾ in 1 oz Sabot Slug Yes

20GA Zuber 2 ¾ in 7 ½ Shot

.300 WSM Winchester 150 gr Copper Extreme Point Yes

.270 WBY Weatherby 130 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

.300 WBY Weatherby 180 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

7MM WBY MAG Weatherby 140 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

6.5-.300 WBY Weatherby 127 gr Barnes LRX Yes

.257 WBY Weatherby 100 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

7.62x39 Sellier & Bellot 124 gr FMJ

7.62x54R Sellier & Bellot 180 gr FMJ

.300 BLK Sig Sauer 125 gr FMJ

Federal 150 gr FMJ

.300 WIN MAG

Federal 180 gr Nosler Partition

New Firearms

Henry Golden Boy H004 .22 LR

Sig Sauer M400 Tread 5.56

PTR HK-91 .308

Range Special

Save $100 and get everything you need to hit the range:

  • Springfield XD9 9mm Pistol

  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Many Styles Available

  • Howard Leight Electronic Ear Protection

  • Speer Gold Dot 9mm Hollow Point

  • Federal Synthetic Range 9mm FMJ

  • KleenBore Handgun Cleaning Kit

Price: $799.99

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