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Updated Official Sweeney’s Sports Striper Derby Rules

Sweeney’s Sports Striper Derby Rules 

As of December 8th, 2023, we are changing the Sweeney’s Sports Striper Derby rules in order to preserve large breeding fish. The new rules allow anglers to catch, measure, film, and release the fish. If you’ve registered under previous rules and choose not to participate under the new rules you’ll receive a full refund of your entry fee. Please stop by the shop or email for any refund requests by Wednesday, December 13th. 

Updated Official Sweeney’s Striper Derby Rules.

Sweeney’s Striper Derby is hosted on December 15th, 16th, and 17th. 

The top 3 largest fish by length will win. The length is measured from the most forward point of the head to the farthest tip of the tail, with the tail compressed or squeezed while the fish lying on its side.

1st place pay out is 50% of the Total Pot 

2nd place pay out is 25% of the Total Pot 

3rd place pay out is 10% of the Total Pot 

We will also raffle three (3) $25 Sweeney’s Gift cards among all the participants. 

To submit qualifying entry anglers must fish December 15th -17th, 2023. Anglers are required to present a 30-seconds or less video measuring the fish from nose to tail using Sweeney’s official measuring stick ONLY. Each submission must follow our filming rules. Each measuring stick is numbered and associated with an individual participant. Pick up your Sweeney's official measuring stick at the shop starting Sunday, December 10th, and through December 14th.

Filming rules. 

Use your phone to film the submission. 

At the start of the video clearly state that this video is for Sweeney’s Sports 2023 Striper Derby.

Prop the side of the measuring stick that starts at 0 against a flat perpendicular surface (cooler, battery box, etc). The fish’s mouth needs to lay at 0 measuring point of the stick. Film the fish clearly lying flat against the measuring stick. Show the whole fish, then close in on the starting point (mouth) and the endpoint (tail) without interruptions. The tail needs to lay flat against the measuring stick and the tip of the tail needs to be clearly visible against the measuring stick scale. The identifying sticker and number on your Sweeney's official measuring stick need to be in the frame. 

Blurry, dark, or interrupted submissions will be invalidated. ONLY use your Sweeney’s official measuring stick during filming, all other measuring methods will be invalidated. 

Registered participants can pick up their Sweeney’s official measuring stick at Sweeney’s Sports starting Sunday, December 10th, and through Thursday, December 14th. Each measuring stick is numbered and assigned to an individual participant. Please return the sticks after the competition. 

Video Submission Instructions:

There are 3 ways to submit the video:

  1. Send the video to Sweeney’s Sports Facebook Messenger from your phone

  2. Email the video to

  3. Bring your phone with the stored video to be viewed and validated by our staff at Sweeney’s Sports store from 4pm-5pm, on December 15th, 16th, or 17th. 

Sweeney’s Sports team reserves the right to invalidate videos that do not follow the rules above, are too dark, blurry, interrupted, videos that are not using Sweeney’s Official Measuring stick, videos with wrong dates, or videos with questionable authenticity. 

May the best catch win! 

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