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Napa Weekly Fishing Report and Outdoor Digest - June 10th, 2022

This Week at Sweeney's

This week we are taking you bank fishing for Cats and Carp on Lake New Melones, Ryan says "Hello" from Kalahari, along with

  • Napa Fishing Report

  • How to Win Free Salmon Fishing trip

  • Hunting Update

  • Archery Update

  • Gun Shop News

Thank you for reading and thank you for your business. All of us here at Sweeney's truly appreciate it.

Let's get started!

This week in Fishing

On today's adventure Alex and I (Austin) went and targeted Carp at New Melones Lake. Let’s just start off by saying that I had no clue what to expect when Alex said he wanted to target carp. I wasn’t too thrilled to be going after carp but let's just say I had a blast after a day of chasing and catching big ol carp. I definitely underestimated the power and fight when it came to Carp.

We used two different style rods when fishing for carp. We used a very light Ugly Stick spinning rod with a ten-pound test line and the other set up with a Phenix 808 with an Avet reel that Alex wanted to get to know better, so he decided to test it on carp.

When Alex started mixing the carp bait I was in total shock and was thinking that there is no way we are catching anything today. But, he certainly proved me very wrong. The bait was a mixture of cornmeal, strawberry jello, corn, and bread crumbs. He packed the bait into feeders on his carp Method Lead rig and buried the Hair Rig leader with a hook inside. The idea is that while carp are feeding, they free up the Hair Rig, which floats up and snags them. Something I've never seen before in my years of fishing and guiding.

We got all the rods baited up casted out. Now it was time to hang out and wait for a bite. When I saw the bite and the power of the carp Alex hooked on the Phenix 808 I was in shock. We landed that one and then Alex got another one. Finally, it was my turn to feel the power of one of these big carp on New Melones.

I will definitely have a different view now on carp and have much more respect for this fish in the future. Check out the video and let's just say our smiles say it all. Tight light lines! Hope to see ya’ll out on the water. Until next time from and Lip Rippers Guide Service.

Napa Fishing Report

Out at Lake Berryessa, the fishing action has been fair to slow on the Trout, Salmon, and Kokanee. Anglers are still catching some fish, but really having to work for the bites. A mixed bag of Kokanee and Rainbows being caught at 25-50 feet. The bass bite is good if you fish around the giant bait balls out there. Look on the flats, in Pope and Putah creek. These bait balls are big and running pretty shallow. A variety of baits have been working on bass down to 30ft. Water temps on the surface continue to climb, so look for the fish to start moving out. The catfish are spawning, so look for some big cats to be running shallow around any brush piles or willows. Large live minnows can work pretty well this time of year for some big cats, otherwise, traditional baits like liver, mackerel, or good ole night crawler will work. The big news here is that the Capell Cove public ramp has been shut down to low water levels. Most of the private boat ramps should be open at this time, just be prepared to pay a fee. New in the shop this week was the arrival of some Double D Kokanee spinners and flashers, and we restocked items from Paulina Peak Tackle. Austin and Alex have been out in the field testing both products with great success! Come down and ask which ones have been working the best. Also, this past week on Lake Hennessey the fishing has been pretty good. We continue to get reports of Crappie, Bluegill, Bass, and even a few left-over trout being caught. Try dragging around a live minnow to catch all species of fish. Also, trolling near the surface to 20 feet has been producing a few fish. The Bass bite is all post-spawn action here. Look for a topwater bite early and late, throwing a frog in the weeds and front of the tulles could produce some fish. Also, look for fish to start pulling out to rock piles and rock walls. Drop-shots with Robo Worms, Jigs, and Senko's all producing fish.

We just got a shipment of all your favorite colors in Senko's, and Robo Worms this week, and check out the new arrival from Daiwa/Yamamoto called the Neko 5" Crawler,

This week in Hunting

This week in the Hunting Department we got stocked up on a bunch of Outdoor Edge Products. The leading cutlery company that offers some great products for the hunting and fishing world is found here at Sweeney's Sports.

We all love the replaceable blade-style hunting knife from OEP. This knife has the ability to remove a dull blade safely and quickly, but what we love is the backbone on this knife and the blade. You can use it for all your caping, skinning, and quartering chores without the fear of the blade breaking.

This week we also got a shipment of snake gaiters in. We found a new company for us called Razor Gaiters out of Oregon. They make a high-quality gaiter that is strong but flexible. At $63.99 a pair, this is a must-have for Rattle Snake country.

Lastly, we received a shipment of the Winchester Hunting Boot. This boot was a favorite of ours last year at the shop.

At only $59.99 for a waterproof hunting boot, this boot is a bargain!!! Last year we sold out early in the season, come down and check them out before they are gone.

Ryan sends his greetings from Kalahari, Africa next to Gemsbok taken with Christensen Arms Ridgeline chambered in 6.5 PRC. Topped with Leupold VX-6HD. Rifle and all accessories are available at Sweeneys Sports.

This week in Archery

July 9th is opening day for the archery season in A zone here in California. Don't wait until the last minute to get ready. It's time to break out all your gear and check to make sure you are ready to roll for the season. Make sure your Bow is sighted in and tuned up. Followed up by all your hunting arrows and broadheads. Make sure to spin test those broadheads to make sure they are flying straight. If it's been a while since you had your bow restrung, it's not too late to get that done. Sweeney's is proud to support America's Best Bowstring Company. They utilize all the best materials in the industry and produce the best servings in the country. They have three levels of quality products. The Pursuit, Premium, and Platinum string sets from ABB will get the job done. Ranging in price from $119 to $169 these string sets will help make your bow a shooting machine. We can help you customize your bow with all the custom colors ABB produces. Right now, it takes about 5 days to get the string set to the shop, with a 2-3 day turnaround. Labor costs are going to be around $60-$80. Your bow will leave the shop tuned up and ready for the fall season.

We still have a couple of 2021 bows left over from the season. We are offering great deals on these remaining bows:

Hoyt RX5 RT hand 50-60Lb, Bowtech Solution RT hand 50-60LB, PSE EVO NXT 31 RT hand 60-70LB, PSE EVO EVL 32 RT hand 60-70LB, and a PSE Expedite RT hand 60-70 Come down and shoot them, and take one home for 30% OFF

This week at Gun Shop

Ryan sends his greetings from Kalahari, Africa next to a Kudu taken with Christensen Arms Ridgeline chambered in 6.5 PRC. Topped with Leupold VX-6HD. Rifle and all accessories are available at Sweeneys Sports.

Watch Ryan's Video Update by



US869 Rifle Powder

Triple 7 Muzzleloader Propellant

Pyrodex Muzzleloader Propellant


TAC Rifle Powder


5744 Magnum Handgun Powder


Caliber Brand/Type Nontoxic

.22 WMR CCI Shotshell ⅛ oz 12 shot

.22 LR CCI Quiet Segmented Hollow Point 40 gr

9MM Federal Syntech FMJ 115 gr

Browning FMJ 115 gr

Sar USA FMJ 124 gr

Sierra 124 gr Jacketed Hollow Point Yes

Hornady Critical Defense115 gr Hollow Point

Hornady Critical Duty 124 gr +P Hollow Point

Hornady Critical Defense Lite 100 gr Hollow Point

.40 S&W Magtech 180gr FMJ

Sellier & Bellot 180 gr FMJ

Winchester 165 gr FMJ

CCI Blazer 165 gr

.45 ACP Sellier & Bellot 230 gr FMJ

.223 Winchester 55 gr FMJ

.308 Hornady Outfitter 165 gr CX Yes

Barnes 168 gr TTSX BT Yes

6.5 Creedmore Hornady Outfitter 120 gr CX Yes

Hornady Precision Hunter 143 gr ELD-X

.270 Hornady Outfitter 130 gr CX Yes

.30-06 Hornady Superperformance 165 gr CX Yes

Hornady Outfitter 180 gr CX Yes

Winchester Copper Impact 150 gr Yes

12GA Winchester Deer Season XP 2 ¾ in 1 oz Sabot Slug Yes

20GA Zuber 2 ¾ in 7 ½ Shot

.300 WSM Winchester 150 gr Copper Extreme Point Yes

.270 WBY Weatherby 130 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

.300 WBY Weatherby 180 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

7MM WBY MAG Weatherby 140 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

6.5-.300 WBY Weatherby 127 gr Barnes LRX Yes

.257 WBY Weatherby 100 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

7.62x39 Sellier & Bellot 124 gr FMJ

7.62x54R Sellier & Bellot 180 gr FMJ

.300 BLK Sig Sauer 125 gr FMJ

Federal 150 gr FMJ

.300 WIN MAG Federal 180 gr Nosler Partition

New Firearms

PTR HK-91 .308

Large Estate Collection

Range Special

Save $100 and get everything you need to hit the range:

  • Springfield XD9 9mm Pistol

  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Many Styles Available

  • Howard Leight Electronic Ear Protection

  • Speer Gold Dot 9mm Hollow Point

  • Federal Synthetic Range 9mm FMJ

  • KleenBore Handgun Cleaning Kit

Price: $799.99

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