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Napa Outdoor Digest - March 23rd, 2023

They are here

On today's blog:

  • Fishing Reports

  • Free Sturgeon & Striper Seminar

  • Shop Updates

  • African Safari Hunt with Ryan

  • Handgun Cleaning Class

Updated Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

Saturday: 7am-6pm

Sunday: 7am-12pm

Napa River Fishing Report

The weather is looking promising today and should hold up through the weekend. The river should fish great. It's all about bait fishing right now. The water is too stained for anything else. Speaking of bait, I am currently sitting in my car and waiting for the live bait to be delivered to our distributor. I'll wait all day if I have to. Our trays are filled with fresh ocean water, aerated, and refrigerated to a proper 48 degrees. All we need to do is to drop Ghost Shrimp, Grass Shrimp, and Pile Worms into them. However, the live bait game is proving to be a bit tricky. I knew that going in, but sometimes it's just nice to sweep in and get the shop stocked with everything we need.

I did end up picking up a few pounds of Live Grass Shrimp and Pile Worm that should last us through Friday. I have another trip tomorrow to see if I can score some Ghost Shrimp for you.

The sturgeon population in the river is spread out right now, but they are there. We spent hours floating around the river last Friday, attempting to mark fish. As soon as we saw more than one, we'd anchor 30-50 feet upstream from the marks and cast our rods right on top of them. We had a few uncommitted bites, but the 4th place we anchored held 4 fish, with more coming in once we anchored up. We got hooked up within 10 minutes of anchoring and the fight was on. We used a combination of Live Grass Shrimp and Pile Worms. If you want to read the full story and watch a video of the trip, head over to the Catch Happy blog.

Here at Sweeney's, we have all of the tackle you need to fish for Sturgeon or Striper on Napa River. We'll be happy to share tips and tricks and help you dial in your setup and fishing method.

Beryessa Fishing Report

The lake is still muddy and Trout/King fishing is really slow. Boats are getting a few here and there, but mostly, the lake needs another week or two to clear up. The same goes for bass fishing.

If you are going out to Berryessa this weekend, grab some Live Minnows. It'll be your best bet.

Live Bait Update

We have Live Grass and Live Pile Worms today. Expecting to pick up Live Ghost Shrimp tomorrow around 12 pm. (Friday).

Last week we published a guide on keeping your live bait alive longer. Click here if you need a refresh.

Mark your Calendars

Sweeney's Spring Outdoor Festival is coming on Saturday, April 22nd.

Mark your calendars for Sweeney's Spring Outdoor Festival and customer appreciation day scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd.

  • BBQ and Free Hot Dogs

  • Multiple Fishing Classes and Seminars

  • Kids Activities

  • Contests and Giveaways

  • Discounts on gear you love

Check this section of our blog/newsletter for weekly updates.

1st FREE Seminar Announcement!

Sturgeon & Striper Fishing for Beginners. The seminar is designed for beginners and returning fishermen who prefer hands-on learning. The seminar is FREE, but you must register to save your spot. We are limited to 15 participants.

Shop Update

Reels, reels, and more reels.

We received massive shipments of Daiwa, Okuma, and Shimano reels. If you want it, chances are we have it in stock.

Introducing a new class to be hosted every Saturday, from 10am-11am. Please click the class link below for details.

African Safari Hunt with Ryan

For those who don’t me, my name is Ryan Cole and I’m one of the firearm consultants at Sweeney’s Sports here in Napa, Ca. I have an extensive background in firearms, ballistics, reloading, optics, and big game hunting.

Most of my big game hunting is “do it yourself “ style with my pack animals, but I do have in excess of 20 years of experience hunting internationally. Most of that time was spent in Africa.

I’m currently the USA representative for Thwane Safaris. Thwane Safari is family owned and operated by the Barnard Family. They have concessions in both South Africa and Namibia. Rhuan Barnard is the main Professional Hunter in South Africa and Marno Barnard is the Professional Hunter in Namibia.

In South Africa, we specialize in Cape Buffalo, Plains Game, and other dangerous game. Namibia is known for Leopard, a small duiker known as the Dik Dik, and Plains Game.

Both locations have other attractions to visit such as Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls, and Etosha to name a few.

All Safaris are one on one. You, your family, or your group will be the only ones in camp. We will pick you up in Johannesburg, provide transportation to the concession ( or ranch ), and back to the airport at the conclusion of your Safari. You will always be with a Professional Hunter from Thwane Safari during your stay.

In the states, I’m a point of contact for Thwane Safari. I can assist with the booking of hunts, any questions, and how to obtain firearm permits if you wish to travel with your personal firearms. Long term I’m learning more of the tools of the trade and hope to expand my horizons in the guiding world.

Quick story; I met the Barnard family in 2015. I was diagnosed with cancer in late 2013. After a year battle with cancer and my family caring for me, I wanted to take everyone to Africa for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We started as clients but are now lifelong friends with the Barnard family. The Barnards do not like the word, client. The goal is to establish friendships and share their passion. They will instill in everyone that “ Hunting is Conservation”.

If you have any questions please reach me through the Sweeny’s Sports website or pop into the shop on Thursdays and Fridays.

Looking for cool Binos?

We got 'em. Leupold BX-1 McKensie 10x42 Mossy Oak Bottomland

What is the coolest roster carry gun in town?

It's Sig P238 time. In stock now, $799.

Springfield XD Blowout Sale - One More Week!

Springfield XD pistols are reliable striker-fire pistols with safety features that are appealing to the first-time pistol owner. Some of these features include a back strap safety, a trigger bar, and a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide.

Disassembly for maintenance is straightforward and re-assembly is just as easy. I encourage new and current firearm owners to visit with us and speak to any of the Firearm Consultants for more details and a demonstration of the Springfield XD. If interested we will be promoting these pistols at a price to sell and you won’t be disappointed.

Models on Sale and prices:

Springfield XD45

  • .45 ACP 4"

  • Was: $599

  • Now: $490

Springfield XD40

  • .40 S&W 4"

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD-40

  • STAINLESS .40 S&W 4"

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD40

  • .40 S&W 3"

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD9 9mm

  • 9mm S&W 5"

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $460

Springfield XD9 9mm

  • 9mm, 4", Black

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD9301 SS 9mm

  • 9mm, 4", Stainless

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD9821 SS 9mm

  • 9mm, 3", Stainless

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

As a reminder, the new store hours are:

Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 7am-6pm

Sunday 7am-12pm

Available Classes

We are Hiring

Do you love fishing? Do you like sharing your expertise and advice to help other people be successful on the water?

If the answer is yes to both, please consider joining the legendary Sweeney's Sports team. We are looking to hire a part-time fishing expert to work weekdays, 9-6, Mon-Thur with some flexibility.

Make extra money, get great discounts on products you love, and have fun at work. Please click here to apply.

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