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Napa Outdoor Digest - March 16th, 2023

Night Fishing on Napa River

On today's blog:

  • Fishing Report

  • Keeping Live Bait alive

  • Sweeney's Outdoor Festival

  • Shop Updates

  • Fishing Classes

Updated Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

Saturday: 7am-6pm

Sunday: 7am-12pm

Napa River Fishing Report

Looks like the dry weather is going to hold up for Friday/Saturday with another chance of rain on Sunday.

Napa River should fish ok this weekend. We are hearing of customers getting bites and catching keeper-sized Stripers using live bait and anchovies. The water will likely continue to be stained due to the runoff, so lure fishing will be tough.

The Sturgeon may make their way back to the river, but as of last week, we couldn't find any sort of concentration while boating around the river. It's possible they are still chasing herring spawn in the Bay. If you hook one up this weekend on Napa River, please let us know.

Live Bait Update

We are expecting Live Ghost Shrimp delivery tomorrow (Friday, March 17th) at around 11 am. We currently have Live Pile and Live Grass available.

How to keep Live Bait alive longer?

Live Ghost Shrimp

We sell ghost shrimp in 12 oz plastic portion containers layered with wood shavings. If you simply place the container in the fridge, the bait will stay alive and well for around 18-24 hours. Perhaps more. Keep it in your cooler when fishing to get maximum performance.

If you'd like to keep your ghosties alive longer, use a 2-gallon aerated bait bucket filled to about 1/3 with brackish water (like Napa River). This method will give you 24-48 hours before they start to slow down and die off. If you want them to last 2-3 days, cool the water down to approximately 49-52 degrees. At home, you can keep the bucket in the fridge, and on the go, dropping a frozen water bottle into the bucket will do the trick.

Live Grass Shrimp

Grass Shrimp will stay alive in the refrigerator for around 12 hours. If you are fishing on a hot day, grab a handful of ice, drop it in a plastic bag, layer it with a couple of pages of a newspaper, and drop your Grassh Shrimp onto the newspaper and in the bag.

If you want them to last longer, use the same aerated bucket principle as the Ghost Shrimp.

Live Pile Worm

Same principle as Grass Shrimp.

Sweeney's Spring Outdoor Festival - Sat, April 22nd

Mark your calendars for Sweeney's Spring Outdoor Festival and customer appreciation day scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd.

  • BBQ and Free Hot Dogs

  • Multiple Fishing Classes and Seminars

  • Kids Activities

  • Contests and Giveaways

  • Discounts on gear you love

Check this section of our blog/newsletter for weekly updates.

Shop Update

If you are gearing up to fish for Bass you'll find full pegs and lots of new lures/tackle in our Bass section. It took us 3 days to put away a giant order of Bass-focused gear and accessories. Check it out on your next visit.

Bass Section Re-stocked and Updated

Looking for cool binos?

We got 'em.

Leupold BX-1 McKensie 10x42 Mossy Oak Bottomland

What is the coolest roster carry gun in town?

It's Sig P238 time. In stock now $799.

Springfield XD Blowout Sale - One More Week!

Springfield XD pistols are reliable striker-fire pistols with safety features that are appealing to the first-time pistol owner. Some of these features include a back strap safety, a trigger bar, and a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide.

Disassembly for maintenance is straightforward forward and re-assembly is just as easy. I encourage new and current firearm owners to visit with us and speak to any of the Firearm Consultants for more details and a demonstration of the Springfield XD. If interested we will be promoting these pistols at a price to sell and you won’t be disappointed.

Models on Sale and prices:

Springfield XD45

  • .45 ACP 4"

  • Was: $599

  • Now: $490

Springfield XD40

  • .40 S&W 4"

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD-40

  • STAINLESS .40 S&W 4"

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD40

  • .40 S&W 3"

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD9 9mm

  • 9mm S&W 5"

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $460

Springfield XD9 9mm

  • 9mm, 4", Black

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD9301 SS 9mm

  • 9mm, 4", Stainless

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

Springfield XD9821 SS 9mm

  • 9mm, 3", Stainless

  • Was: $549

  • Now: $430

As a reminder, the new store hours are:

Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 7am-6pm

Sunday 7am-12pm

Learn to fish.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be putting together dozens of new fishing and firearms education classes. What would you like to learn? Let us know by replying to this email, commenting on the blog, or stopping by the shop.

We are Hiring

Do you love fishing? Do you like sharing your expertise and advice to help other people be successful on the water?

If the answer is yes to both, please consider joining the legendary Sweeney's Sports team. We are looking to hire a part-time fishing expert to work weekdays, 9-6, Mon-Thur with some flexibility.

Make extra money, get great discounts on products you love, and have fun at work. Please click here to apply.

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