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Napa Fishing and Outdoor Report - June 24th, 2022

This Week at Sweeney's

In this newsletter, Chad is providing updates on Archery, Fishing, and Camping. Also, read about:

  • July 23rd Customer Appreciation Event - You are invited!

  • How to Win Free Salmon Fishing trip?

  • Gun Shop ammo and new product update.

Let's get started!

This week in Fishing

The local fishing report for the Napa River saw a little bit of a slowdown in Striper action. The heat has really slowed the bite down. Anglers need to get out early and late if the tides permit. Fish are still being caught on swimbaits, rattle traps, and P-line predators. Cover a lot of ground to find the fish, and stay on them! Try running around to the breaks, and sloughs on an outgoing tide. Throw Lucky Craft LV 500 or Spro Aruku Shad for a better bite. Shore anglers continued to catch a few schoolie-sized stripers, with a few keepers mixed in. No reports of sturgeon being caught.

The Second half of the Ocean Salmon Season started this week. With better wind conditions forecasted anglers might actually get out on the water. With the water temps being much cooler there should be a good number of salmon to be caught. We are stocked up on all your favorite lures and tray baits. Get out there and give us a report back.

Lake Berryessa continues to see the water temps go up, and the fish moving into deeper water. The action for Kokanee, trout, and salmon remains fair to slow. Anglers are still catching a mixed bag of fish but working for them. Various locations from the Narrows, Big Island, and Putah creek channel in 40-60 feet of water are producing fish. The summertime bass bite has actually been pretty good. Some anglers are still catching fish shallow around the bait balls and others are catching them at 20-40 ft. Try finding the bait early and hit those fish with top water baits, flukes, Senkos, and various other plastics. Then as the day goes on try finesse fishing techniques on the rocky points and walls in the Narrows, Pope Creek, and Putah creek arms.

This week we brought in a new downrigger weight from 4 FINS. A very high-quality weight that many of the local guides trust, including Austin Abernathy here at the shop. Come by and ask him how well they run!!

We also picked up a new lineup of Kokanee and Trout flashers from J&J Tackle company. The Teardrop Dodger has been a hot flasher out on the waters this season, and now you can buy them here at the shop.

Ready for the Salmon Season?

The river King Salmon season is starting July 16th. It's time to get on the books with one of our top guides. Trips get booked up fast, so don't wait, learn more and book your trip at

Win a FREE guided Salmon fishing trip.

Want to go Salmon fishing with Alex and Austin? All you have to do is subscribe to our Youtube Channel, and reply to this email with your name and email address. That's it. Alex and Austin will draw the winner on June 30th.

This week in Camping

Summer is here and it's time to head out on those camping and backpacking trips. Fishing those high elevation lakes and creeks, archery hunting, or just camping with the family we have supplies to help out. This week we just got a shipment of dehydrated meals from Peak 2 Fuel. This is a new company here at Sweeney's, but not new to the industry. They specialize in premium freeze-dried food meals. Loaded with protein and use less water to cook than most meals on the market. We have a good variety of flavors to test out on the mountain!

Also, this week we continue to get a few shipments of Yeti coolers in. These hard-to-get sizes and colors won't last long. If you are in the market for a Yeti cooler come down and grab one, we don't expect to get many more shipments.

In our clothing department, we added a lineup of flip-flops and summer shoes from Frog Toggs. We are very impressed with the quality and low prices of these shoes.

Customer Appreciation Event - July 23rd

Mark your calendars, bring your kids, and prepare to have fun, eat great food, and learn new skills with Sweeney's crew.

Enjoy food and drinks, prizes, special discounts, and outdoor education classes led by the experts:

  • Fly Fishing clinic from 11am to 11:45am

  • River salmon clinic 12:00pm to 12:45pm

  • Kokanee clinic from 1:00pm to 1:45pm

  • Gun cleaning basic clinic 2:00pm to 2:45pm

We'll raffle off merchandise, gift cards, and surprise gift boxes. 100% of the raffle proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit focused on helping kids discover and enjoy the outdoors. You'll learn more about the charity we'll be supporting next week.

More information in the next newsletter.

This week in Archery

Archery deer season is just around the corner with our local A zone opener on July 9th. Hopefully, you have been shooting and getting tuned up for the season. It's not too late to really dial in your arrows and match the broadheads up for that perfect shot. Here at the shop this week we got stocked up on Annihilator Broadheads. We brought these in last year and sold out during the season. We received a ton of good reports on this head. Super strong and flies like a field point with a lethal explosion on impact. There is a new XL size this year if you want a little more cutting diameter.

Also new to the shop is Velvet Anter Technologies, a product on the market for preserving velvet on those yearly season bucks. Simply spray on an application that cures the velvet. Along with that spray is a blood remover product for your hides that helps prevent hair slippage. They also have a great mount cleaner and preservative. Come down and check out the new products or grab your trusty old favorites.

This week at Gun Shop



US869 Rifle Powder

Triple 7 Muzzleloader Propellant

Pyrodex Muzzleloader Propellant


TAC Rifle Powder


5744 Magnum Handgun Powder


Caliber Brand/Type Nontoxic

.22 WMR CCI Shotshell ⅛ oz 12 shot

.22 LR CCI Quiet Segmented Hollow Point 40 gr

9MM Federal Syntech FMJ 115 gr

Browning FMJ 115 gr

Sar USA FMJ 124 gr

Sierra 124 gr Jacketed Hollow Point Yes

Hornady Critical Defense115 gr Hollow Point

Hornady Critical Duty 124 gr +P Hollow Point

Hornady Critical Defense Lite 100 gr Hollow Point

.40 S&W Magtech 180gr FMJ

Sellier & Bellot 180 gr FMJ

Winchester 165 gr FMJ

CCI Blazer 165 gr

.45 ACP Sellier & Bellot 230 gr FMJ

.223 Winchester 55 gr FMJ

.308 Hornady Outfitter 165 gr CX Yes

Barnes 168 gr TTSX BT Yes

6.5 Creedmore Hornady Outfitter 120 gr CX Yes

Hornady Precision Hunter 143 gr ELD-X

.270 Hornady Outfitter 130 gr CX Yes

.30-06 Hornady Superperformance 165 gr CX Yes

Hornady Outfitter 180 gr CX Yes

Winchester Copper Impact 150 gr Yes

12GA Winchester Deer Season XP 2 ¾ in 1 oz Sabot Slug Yes

20GA Zuber 2 ¾ in 7 ½ Shot

.300 WSM Winchester 150 gr Copper Extreme Point Yes

.270 WBY Weatherby 130 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

.300 WBY Weatherby 180 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

7MM WBY MAG Weatherby 140 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

6.5-.300 WBY Weatherby 127 gr Barnes LRX Yes

.257 WBY Weatherby 100 gr Barnes TTSX Yes

7.62x39 Sellier & Bellot 124 gr FMJ

7.62x54R Sellier & Bellot 180 gr FMJ

.300 BLK Sig Sauer 125 gr FMJ

Federal 150 gr FMJ

.300 WIN MAG Federal 180 gr Nosler Partition

Waterfowl Loads In Stock

Hevi-Shot: Hevi Bismuth 12 Gauge 2.75” 4 Shot

Hevi-Shot: Hevi Metal 12 Gauge 3” 4 Shot

Federal: Upland Steel 12 Guage 2.75” 7.5 Shot

New Firearms

PTR HK-91 .308

Tikka T3X Laminated Stainless in .270 Winchester

New Production Remington 700’s in .30-06

New Production Remington 870 Fieldmaster in 12 Gauge

Large Estate Collection

Range Special

Save $100 and get everything you need to hit the range:

  • Springfield XD9 9mm Pistol

  • Leupold Performance Eyewear - Many Styles Available

  • Howard Leight Electronic Ear Protection

  • Speer Gold Dot 9mm Hollow Point

  • Federal Synthetic Range 9mm FMJ

  • KleenBore Handgun Cleaning Kit

Price: $799.99

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