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Napa Fishing and Outdoor Report - January 5th, 2023

Happy New Year!

It's raining hard and all we can think about is rising water levels all over Northern California. We needed water and here it is! I know it's a lot to deal with right now, but beggars can't be choosers. We hope the wet trend continues and all of us will have an awesome fishing/hunting/outdoors season in 2023.

Speaking of the New Year, it's time to do our inventory. As such, please take note of the updated store hours:

Sunday, January 9th: 9am-12pm

Monday, January 10th: CLOSED

So what's up with fishing this week?

Local Fishing Report

The Napa River

The Napa River is high and muddy, prime time for Sturgeon! We might have to wait for things to settle out, but with plenty of sturgeon already in the lower river, the bite should be fantastic soon. Bank anglers can find action in areas like under the Hwy 29 bridge, Cuttings Wharf, or hiking from American Canyon to the train bridge. We have plenty of cured and frozen shrimp, salmon roe, and herring. As for Striper action, well the lure and fly-fishing action are over for a while. Soaking cut baits like Anchovies, and Sardines is going to be the only method for a while.

Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa has a great run off and levels are coming up slowly. It's time to target catfish!!! Areas like the Pope creek and Putah creek arms, the very north end of the lake around both creek channels, Capel Cove, and Pleasure Cove will all be great areas to try. Try cut Shad, Mackrel, Sardines, liver, or good ole Night Crawlers. We have received reports of some nice size catfish caught this week. There is actually a decent bass bite going on for those that are trying. The minnow bite for Trout is still going on, but stained water from all the runoffs will slow that down for a little bit. For now, Catfish is what is ordered up!! Send us some pics of those big cats.

Outdoor Report

The Duck and goose season is in full swing. We still have a few weeks left. With storms stacked up the action should finally be good! If you're looking for ammo for your duck hunt, we still have a decent supply, but going fast. We did just put the remainder of our Duck and Goose decoys on Sale. There are only a few boxes left. If you find yourself needing rain gear, we have it. We stock a good supply of Rivers West jackets and Bibs, PVC gear as well, and camo rain gear too. We have plenty of Rubber Boots, hip boots, and waders. Currently, we have some SIMMS waders and boots on clearance, come by to see all the prices.

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