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Napa Fishing and Outdoor Report - December 30th, 2022

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Fishing Report

Napa River

The Napa River is finally getting some good runoff from the recent rains, and more to come. With that taking place, the Sturgeon bite is improving daily! We are getting some good reports of fish being in the south part of the river. Areas south of Cuttings Wharf have been producing the most sturgeon in the last few weeks, but look for fish to move upriver. We have a good supply of frozen or cured shrimp baits, salmon roe, or herring. The Striper bite has been slowing down for the past few weeks. However, there is still a decent possibility to catch some keeper-size and larger fish right now. With the recent rains, the water clarity will start to muddy up, making lure and flyfishing more difficult. Make sure to slow down your presentation with trolling or casting your lures, and switch to bright-colored swimbaits or rattletraps. Bait fishing with cut Anchovies or Sardines with some good smelly oils for extra attraction is a good bet.

Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa is seeing a decent trout and salmon bite with live minnows under a bobber! Also, a few fish are still being caught trolling shallow to 20' with various spoons like Kastmaster, and Speedy shiners. The south end of the lake is producing the best right now. The Bass bite has slowed down with dropping water temps. Finesse fishing with drop shots and Roboworms, or dragging a Hula Grub around the points in the Narrows might be the best way to catch them now. The creek arms have finally started running and with more rain, in the future, it's time to think about soaking bait for catfish in the creek arms. Putah and Pope creeks, Cappel Cove, and the back of Pleasure Cove are all great spots to catch cats this time of year. Try using cut Shad, Night Crawlers, or any of your favorite stink baits.

Hunting Report

This week, we are very excited to spotlight one of our favorite junior hunters in our community. Thirteen-year-old Audrey Schallon of Napa was one lucky hunter when she drew a late-season junior hunt in Northern California. Together with her dad David Schallon, they set out in early December for a hunt of a lifetime. Having to endure pounding rains and hiking over 9 miles they were able to harvest a beautiful buck! This was her second buck of the year, and her biggest one by far. This buck will be her first taxidermy project, we can't wait to see how it turns out. Below is a written story by Audrey that we loved and wanted to share. Congratulations, we are very proud of her, and good job to dad for starting her out right!!

Audrey's Story

It was the second day of hunting the J8 Arrentice Hunt and Audrey and her Dad had been in the rain for six hours straight. They had seen one buck that day, but it was a spike. Although in the end it was a good thing it wasn't legal. Around noon the clouds carrying the rain dissipated which left them a window of time to eat Top Ramem, drink hot chocolate, and goof around. They had eaten lunch perched on a jumble of rocks and had started to move back towards the car (which was 3.5 miles away). When out of the trees not a hundred yards from where they had been sitting two does ran out of the tree line with a buck hot on their tail. Audrey went down to a knee taking off the safety, locating the buck in her crosshairs she made the shot! The buck twisted in the air and then trotted into a cluster of trees as Audrey reloaded. It came right back out in front of them running hard, Audrey got another shot off and it went down 15 yards from where she had shot it. Only after walking up to it did they realize just how big it was and they were very happy about it.

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