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Fall Outdoor Festival at Sweeney's

Dear customers and friends if you are in town next Saturday, September 16th, please consider attending the Fall Outdoor Festival at Sweeney’s. There are plenty of things to celebrate.

  • Opening of the hunting season

  • The best time to fish Napa River for Striper and Sturgeon

  • Anticipated crab season opening on November 4th

  • The upcoming Holiday season

And of course, some of us are excited for the start of the football season. In fact, anyone wearing their favorite team jersey will be entered in a special drawing to win a $30 gift card.

Come to celebrate the fall season with us and :

  • Enjoy free food and drinks

  • Win prizes

  • Attend our Free Classes

  • Save 10% on purchases over $100 (Exc. Fish & Wildlife and DROS)

Free Food

Coffee and donuts in the morning - 9am-11am

Hot Dogs with fixings and soft drinks - 12pm-2pm

(while supplies last)


1. Every purchase is entered in a drawing for our GRAND PRIZE:

REMINGTON 783 IN .30-06

Building upon expertise that's dominated bolt-action technology for more than 50 years, our engineering team started from scratch and combined their most advanced, accuracy-enhancing features to create an all-new platform. The Model 783 features a steel detachable magazine with a steel latch and a 4-round capacity. Like with all Remington bolt actions, expect a lifetime of rock-solid reliability. From the next generation in a legendary bloodline.

2. Wear your favorite football team jersey and enter for a chance to win a $30 gift card. (49rs colors get double entry :)

3. Spend $300 or more and enter to win a Napa River Sturgeon fishing trip with Alex aboard Catch Happy HQ.

Free Classes Hosted at the Event

1. Fly Fishing Fundamentals 9am-9:45am

2. Kayak Fishing for Stripers on Napa River 10am-10:45am

3. Live bait fishing for Stripers and Sturgeon 11am-11:45am

See you on Saturday, September 16th, 9am-3pm

Fishing Reports

Big Nate’s Lake Berryessa Fishing Report

Today I had the pleasure of taking out my other brothers Danny and Randy, and close friends Carl and the OG 90-year-old Neal for another EPIC BITE on Berryessa!!! Man does it feel good to be back on this body of water!!! These guys put it to them today, knocking out LIMITS by 1pm, and lost quite a few as well!!! The fish are on the move big time!! They were nowhere near where I found them on Monday, so it was back to the drawing board, but once located, it was doubles and non-stop action til we wrapped things up. The Kings didn't make an appearance but I think we probably dropped 2, but I can't confirm as they shook off. Today was all about stick baits, trolled between 3 and 4mph down to 36ft. If you've been waiting to get out and fish on Berryessa, the bite is wide open for now.

Napa River Fishing Report

Austin and Alex fished the outgoing tide on the Napa River this week for stripers. They trolled in Napa and South Sloughs using rattle traps and P-Line Predator-based Wild Things (a deep diver custom-made here at Sweeney's).

They got on the water around 7:30am, right around the high tide, and had the first hookup within 10 minutes of starting the troll. They tried a dozen different rattle traps and swim baits, constantly changing tactics from speed to back sets. The most consistent results were:

  • Best trolling speed: 3.5-4 mph going with the tide

  • Color-intensive rattle traps back-set around 80 feet behind the boat

  • P-Line Predator Wild Thing back-set to 60 feet behind the boat

The Wild Thing lure, as usual, yielded the most action. They marked a lot of fish on the move. Keep moving around them to find them. Once on them, it may make sense to anchor up and throw swim baits. Don't spend more than 20 minutes in one spot. The fish are mobile and so should you.

Live Bait Update

Grass Shrimp - In Stock

Bullheads - Low Stock

Pile Worms - In Stock

Large Minnows - In Stock

Medium Minnows - In Stock

Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

8-31-23 Flows 437 CFS

Report from our associate guide Robbie George last weekend. (

Fished good. We fished for 4 hours and went 2 for 4. Fished by the dam, above the bridge and below the bridge staircase area. Everyone around us caught fish too. Zebra midge, soft hackle PT, S&M worked yesterday. Some caddis started coming off as we were leaving.

BWO—Hogan’s S&Ms, FB Pheasant tails, Quilldigon, May it be, micro may, juju baetis….#18-20

Midges—--WD-40, zebra midge, jujubee midge….#20-22 in different colors.

Bird Nest #16-18. San Juan and Squirmy worms.

Thank you for reading. See you next week.

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