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Berryessa and Napa are Hot - Time to Get Off your Butt.

Are you looking forward to the weekend? You should be. Our local fishing is red hot, the hunting season is now open, and we're receiving pallets of new products daily at the shop.

In just a few weeks, we'll complete our transformation, giving you a better variety of fishing, firearms, and accessories in a more open and pleasant space.

With all the new fixtures in place, we're now re-merchandising and filling the shelves and pegs with the latest and greatest in outdoor gear and accessories.

So come on down and see what's new! We're excited to help you gear up for your next outdoor adventure.

Fishing Reports

Lake Berryessa

Had an epic morning today chasing after Rainbow Trout with Big Nate Guide service on Lake Berryessa. We got on the water at 6:50am at Markley Cove. It took 28 minutes to get our limits of trout. We boated 6 fish out of 9 takedowns. Berryessa trout fishing is red hot right now. We marked bait balls full of plankton and threadfin shad packed solid between 35-40 ft. Trolling a variety of spoons at depths of 27 ft. - 45 ft did the trick.

Direct tie the spoons to the line. No flasher or any other hardware is needed. Use your downriggers to dial in your depth and don’t worry about not seeing fish on the sonar. They are going in and out of the bait balls to feed. Start trolling at 2.8 mph and slowly increase the speed to as fast as 3.5 mph. Set your lures around 50 ft behind the boat if there is some wind chop. 80ft plus if the water is calm and glassy. Keep experimenting with speed.

Right now the trout is hanging in the middle of the lake going in and out of bait balls. Cruise right through the middle and start trolling once you mark bait balls.

As far as lure colors, any wild color will do. Every one of our lures hit, so tigers, watermelon, shad pattern, etc. Everything worked well at speed.

Click below to watch the video report.

Napa River

Alex and Austin spent a couple of hours trolling the Napa River for Stripers before work last week. Here is their report.

We marked a lot of fish in the sloughs and kept changing lures until we dialed in the bite. Multi-color Rat-L-Traps and P-Line Predators (custom-made at Sweeney's Sports into a Wild Thing lures) work the best. Trolling speeds around 3.5-3.8 GPS MPH worked the best.

The fish are everywhere in the river and it's just a matter of offering them what they are after. Keep changing lures until you get bit. Turn around and troll the same spot again. The fish are dialed in on something different every day. The weather, tides, water color, bait fish behavior, wind, pressure, lunar cycle, and a dozen other factors shift constantly. That's why we never get tired of fishing the river. It's an ever-evolving puzzle with an abundance of options and action. What a fantastic place to work and fish.

Click below to watch the full video report.

Ready to catch some crab?

The crab season is scheduled to open on November 4th.

We just received a full complement of seasonal crab gear at excellent prices. Stop by the shop to pick up what you need to bring home some Dungeness excellence this year.

With crab gear, if you are not early, you are late. Don't wait until the last minute to grab what you need.

Gun Shop News

We've just received a selection of Sig and Springfield 1911s 45ACP along with 357MAG Smith and Wesson model 19-9.

And, the Cadillac of shotguns is now in stock.

Thank you to everyone who came in to support us last Friday during our Fall Festival. Congratulations to our prize winners! If you’ve missed the drawing, click here to watch the Facebook Live video where we announced the winners.

We hope to see you at the shop soon.

We truly appreciate every time you walk through our doors. Thank you for choosing to spend your hard-earned dollars with us. It's a privilege to be of service.

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