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The Quest for the Perfect Bait Fridge and Ammo Promo

Updated: Mar 7

What's New in the Shop?

First cast:

The Quest for the Perfect Bait Fridge - One Step Closer

For anglers, few things are more debilitating than showing up to your favorite fishing spot, bait bucket in hand, only to find your local shop's bait fridge running on empty. We've all been there, and it sucks.

At Sweeney Sports, delivering an always-stocked selection of premium live and frozen baits has been one of those maddeningly elusive targets. We'd get close, set up beautiful new bait tanks and aquariums, but just couldn't quite secure the supplier relationships to keep re-stocking like clockwork. Until now. 

Meet Glenn, president of Big Red Worm Company, Nor-Cal's largest bait supplier. These guys are the bait distribution heavyweights, with the operational horsepower to keep us replenished on all fronts.

From this day forward, Sweeney's will be your one-stop bait shop for staples like Big Red’s properly bloody Lamprey Eel, frozen row, both cured and uncured, and much more.

But the true coup de grace? Consistent access to live Pile Worms, one of the most devastatingly effective baits for landed Stripers and Sturgeon. No more hunting them down and hoping - Big Red has an inside line on regular shipments.

This alliance with Big Red moves us one massive step closer to our goal of having bait available at all times for our customers. We're exploring putting in a dedicated bait window or lockers to allow 24/7 grab-and-go access to a fully-stocked assortment. More on this later.

If you've been dealing with bait supply frustration, those days are fading. Sweeney Sports x Big Red Worm Company just fortified your angling assault. Forget being baited and switched - consider yourself bait-secure from here on out. Stay hungry, anglers.


Live Bait Inventory Update

Live Grass Shrimp

Live Pile Worm


Second cast:

11% Excise Tax on all guns and ammo goes into effect in July 2024.

If you'd like to stock up on 9mm range ammo, we are running a Pallet Pre-Order Special on CCI Blazer 9mm 115gr FMJ.

Pre-order 20 boxes (1000-rounds) of CCI Blazer 9mm range ammo for $299

Stop by the shop to put in your pre-order, or call us at 707-255-5544 to process over the phone. Estimating around 7-15 days between placing the order and receiving the ammo.


Third cast:

Let's go fishing on Napa River!

Embark on an angling adventure as the Sturgeon and Striper seasons converge on the Napa River. Unlock the Napa River secrets as you cast your line under the expert guidance of our Coast Guard Licensed captains. With their profound knowledge of the river's hidden haunts and prime fishing spots, our seasoned guides will lead you on a journey that seamlessly blends excitement, skill, and natural beauty.

As you navigate the serene waters, our captains will share insider tips and proven techniques to help you reel in the catch of a lifetime. From selecting the perfect bait to mastering the art of the hook-set, you'll gain a wealth of knowledge that will elevate your fishing game to new heights.

(The first 3 reservations will receive a $25 Sweeney's Sports gift card with paid deposit)


Fourth cast:

Let's go crappie fishing this Saturday!

Sweeney's Sports is proud to sponsor the Crappie Closet Lures Lake Berryessa tournament hosted by Marlin with

Watch the video for details.

To register, email:

To pay, Venmo @Crappieclosetlures


Fishing Reports

Napa River


All the rains bring Sturgeon into our river system. It's bait fishing time!

Use live Grass or Ghost Shrimp, Pile Worms, Salmon roe, or Eel threaded onto a barbless hook, wrapped with magic thread (twine), and terminated with a bait button.

It's important to keep your bait on the bottom with a 4-8 ounce pyramid sinker and, ideally, a weighted leader. We now make Custom Sturgeon Leaders here at the shop. Come and check them out. $5.99 apiece.

Lake Berryessa

Big Nate Guide Service Report for Lake Berryessa

Wednesday, February 28th

The lake is muddy to dingy with a lot of debris, trash, and some very large logs scattered throughout. The key is to searching for areas null and void of all the crap and focusing on staying in those very small areas. We used the "kitchen sink" today, and spoons dominated our action from the surface down to 60ft!!! I know that seems deep for this time of year, but chasing marks produced fish.

Well we didn't Kill it by any means but we did HOOKUP SOME DONKEYS!!!! We stuck 4 of the 7 bites we got on the day and these fish went absolutely BALLISTIC!!

We fished our butts off today, but it was worth it!! I feel like the lake needs a bit more time to clear until I feel completely comfortable with running trips.


As always,

We truly appreciate every time you walk through our doors. Thank you for choosing to spend your hard-earned dollars with us. It's a privilege to be of service.

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