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Score Big: 10% Off Sale to Kick Off 49ers Playoff Weekend!

What's New in the Shop?

How is your week going?

January might have you feeling like a fish out of water. Holiday hangovers, chilly winds, and rain can put a damper on outdoor adventures. But fear not, fellow outdoor enthusiasts and marksmen! We're here to inject some glam into your glum and help you hook into some excitement.

We are celebrating the 49ers playoff win over the Lions with some huge savings this weekend!

First Cast

  • Storewide Sale: 10% off EVERYTHING (except CDFW licenses and DROS) - stock up on your favorite gear, ammo, and accessories!

  • Fishing Gear & Rifles Sale: Check out the hot deals listed below and stack your savings for an extra dose of awesome. Details below.

Whether you're hitting the water or the range, swing by the shop and score big on the gear you love.

Second Cast

Let's scratch that fishing itch: I confess, I haven't cast a line in 9 days (shameful, I know!). Luckily, I'll have a chance to scratch my itch a bit today. At 2 PM, I'm hosting an Intro to Sturgeon Fishing Class at the shop sharing tips, tricks, and the latest gear to snag these prehistoric giants. Join in if you'd like to brush up on sturgeon fishing techniques, strategy, and the latest gear.

Also, we were able to score 116 glorious Pile Worms for our live bait section. The weekend weather is looking good for your next Sturgeon attempt.

So ditch the couch, embrace the outdoors (or at least our cozy shop!), and score big this week!


We are selling our Christensen Arms rifles at COST! If you or someone you know is looking for a new hunting/ target rifle, now is the time! 

  • Mesa TI 6.5 CM 22” $1485.00 

  • Ridgeline .308 WIN 24” Black $1655.99 

  • Mesa .308 WIN Burnt Bronze 22” $1071.00

  • Mesa TI .308 WIN 22” GRY $1485.00

  • Mesa Long Range .308 WIN 24” $1319.00

  • Traverse BA 28 Nosler 26” $2126.99 

Take an additional 10% OFF prices above this Friday-Sunday ONLY!


We have added a new rod sale rack! Great savings on quality saltwater/ freshwater rods! 

  • Dobyns Champion XP 7’3” Med $200.00

  • St Croix Mojobass 7’1” MH $99.99 

  • Penn Battle III Combo $99.99 

  • Shimano Scimitar 60 ML 2pc Spinning $39.99

  • G. Loomis IMX Pro 852S JWR $199.99 

  • Phenix Black Diamond PSW 7’ H Casting $220.00 

  • Phenix PSW-C 700M 7’ MED $220.00 

Phenix AHD-897-ORG Casting $220.00 

Take an additional 10% OFF prices above this Friday-Sunday ONLY!


Orvis Clearwater 908-4 Outfit 9’ 8wt $299.99 

Orvis Recon 10’ 3wt 4pc $399.99

Take an additional 10% OFF prices above this Friday-Sunday ONLY!

Fly Reel Sale 

Hatch Outdoors Iconic 5 Plus Clear/ Blue $449.99

Hatch Outdoors Iconic 7 Plus Black $549.99 

Take an additional 10% OFF prices above this Friday-Sunday ONLY!

10% off all waterfowl gear until the end of the season! 

Jackets, calls, motorized decoys, and more! 

Take an additional 10% OFF the deal above this Friday-Sunday ONLY!


Report your harvest to CDFW by 1/31

Don't forget to report your harvest by January 31st. Even if you didn't fish or hunt in 2023 the CDFW requires annual reporting for fishing report card holders and hunters. Follow the instructions on your tag or report card to report by mail, or log in and do this online:

Live Bait Update

Grass Shrimp


Pile Worms

Fishing Reports

Lake Berryessa


The weather is now getting really cold with plenty of storm systems filtering in and out. Expect the majority of fish to head for the depths where you can catch them on smaller swimbaits or even an a-rig, spoons, worms, and jigs. Targeting that 20-40 foot depth range is where most of them should be. Low and slow is the name of the game at this time

  • Action: The bass bite has slowed down compared to the fall, but it's still decent with the right approach.

  • Target: Focus on deeper areas, particularly rocky points and submerged structures, between 20-40 feet deep.

  • Lures: Finesse tactics like drop-shotting with plastics or wacky-rigged worms on heavy weights are working well. Cranking deeper crankbaits can also be productive.


  • Action: Trout trolling remains strong, especially for those targeting shad schools with spoons or Rapalas.

  • Target: Look for baitfish concentrations near the dam or deeper coves. Early mornings and evenings offer the best chance for success.

  • Lures: Shad-patterned spoons, Speedy Shiners, and Rapalas in various sizes are the go-to lures.

Catfish: Catfishing can be good year-round at Berryessa. Try fishing deeper areas with cut bait, liver, or nightcrawlers for whiskered friends. Try free spooling your bait. Drop it without any weight and let it drift and sink slowly. Got big cats using this technique

If you'd like to read our deep dive fishing report on Lake Berryessa winter fishing, click here.

Napa River


We went out last week and had pretty good luck trolling. Golden Boy (Gold-colored Akuru Shad) and our custom-made Wild Things continue to produce results even in cooler waters. Try to stay between 3.5-5 mph GPS. The bite is slower than Sep-Nov, but they are still out there, looking to eat a fast-moving bait fish. We averaged one bite for every 30-40 minutes of trolling. Not too terrible for this time of year. So after a couple of hours of trolling, we switched to bait fishing.

The fish aren't as widespread as they were in October/November. However, if you find them, multiple hookups aren't unheard of. There are larger schools of them out there. Keep looking until you find them and then run through the school a few times using different colored Wild Things and Rattle Traps until you find what they like.

Bank fishermen are doing well with live grass shrimp, pile worms, and frozen anchovies. Use the Magic Thread to keep your bait on the hook.


It's bait fishing time! The sturgeon should start pushing into our river system.

Use live Grass or Ghost Shrimp, Pile Worms, Salmon roe, or Eel threaded onto a barbless hook, wrapped with magic thread (twine), and terminated with a bait button.

It's important to keep your bait on the bottom with a 4-8 ounce pyramid sinker and, ideally, a weighted leader. We now make Custom Sturgeon Leaders here at the shop. Come and check them out. $5.99 apiece.

Click here for the detailed video on Napa River Striper lures, bait, and tactics.

As always,

We truly appreciate every time you walk through our doors. Thank you for choosing to spend your hard-earned dollars with us. It's a privilege to be of service.

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