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Napa Outdoor Digest - February 16th, 2023

  • Either win or learn

  • Shop Updates

  • Fishing Report

  • Fly fishing class

  • We are Hiring

Thank you for celebrating with us last week.

Reflecting on Super Bowl last week I started thinking about how fishing is similar to the game of Football. I think Jalen Hurts put it best after losing the Super Bowl.

You either win or you learn,” Hurts said. “That's how I feel. You either win or you learn. Win, lose, I always reflect on the things I could have done better, anything you could have done better to try and take that next step."

I agree. Every time we get skunked while fishing, despite putting in the work to prep and execute a perfect day on the water, a low-level depression tends to settle in.

Don't let it.

"You either win or you learn" is a terrific mindset to adapt to our fishing adventures.

After surveying Sweeney's crew and customers, here is how some of the most successful fishermen approach being skunked as a learning opportunity.

1. Talk to friends who fish.

This is probably the most therapeutic way to snap out of the funk and have a productive discussion on why nothing you've tried worked today. Our recommendation is to call on a friend who wasn't fishing with you today and talk through your day. Discuss ideas for the next trip. A good friend will help you snap out of the funk and start building excitement for the next trip. Especially if you buy them a pint :)

2. Visit a local tackle shop.

Here you'll find like-minded employees and customers you can talk to. Discuss your methods and get ideas on what to try differently on your next trip. Also, let's be honest, a little shopping therapy can do wonders to snap you out of the funk and build a sense of anticipation and excitement for your next trip.

3. Research on Youtube.

The variety and depth of fishing content on Youtube continue to amaze me. Search for your target species and see what others are doing to land fish. If you are like me, you'll spend an hour or so doing the research then run to your garage and start working on your next week's setups.

4. Call a guide for advice.

This method is highly underrated and few people actually do it. All the guides I know are happy to take a call and talk you through fishing strategies. In fact, many will keep you on the phone long after you got your fishing tips. In a good way. For a Guide, every conversation about fishing is a conversation with a potential customer and many are happy to share information without expecting you to book a trip right then and there.

Fishing is life. Go out there and live it.

Shop Updates

We've successfully rolled out the "Everything $20" display to stretch your dollar further.

Right now the display is packed with duck hunting gear closeouts and camping items. These products would typically set you back $30-$80 and are all priced at $20.

We'll continue to add deeply discounted merchandise to the display as items sell.

The Striper and Crappie bite is getting hot and we have just the ticket for you.

Medium and X-Large are available. We should have enough to last through the weekend.

Mediums - $7.99 Per Dozen

X-Large - $19.99 Per Dozen

We are also getting ready to stock live Ghost Shrimp and Pile Worms. Check-in with us next week on the timing.

In a market for a new gun safe? We are now stocking Surelock safes in the shop.

  • Surelock Cadet 12 Gun Bronze Bevel - $899

  • Surelock Cadet 18 Gun Bronze Bevel - $1199

  • Surelock Cascade 24 Gun $999 - SOLD OUT (We can order for you).

Home/Business delivery is available.

We also stock a variety of gun box safes, including biometric products. Stop by the shop to see the full selection.

Napa River Fishing Report

We are starting to get more reports of stripers being caught on cut anchovies and live bait like minnows. Also, try using cured ghost shrimp/worm combo for bait fishing. It worked really well for us last week. We are also hearing anglers being successful with rattle traps and swim baits. The water cleared up enough and the stripers are out on the hunt.

For those who are just starting out, bank fishing for stripers can be a lot of fun right here in town. We've filmed this instructional video last year for those who want to learn how to fish for stripers from the Napa River bank.

Call or visit the shop to find out the best places to bank fish striper on Napa River.

The Sturgeon bite continues to be slow. We've seen people catch 25-30-inch fish at Cuttings Warf. The Sturgeon is out there, but the water is still on the cool side, around 43 degrees. As the warmer, sunny days are rolling in the Sturgeon bite should start progressing as the water continues to warm up. Move around until you find them, once you find them sit on them and see if you can get them to bite.

Lake Berryessa Fishing Report

Lake Berryessa water has cleared up quite a bit but the fishing has been a bit slow. Alan Fong from Alan Fong Outdoors does a great job in his weekly reports explaining why:

Follow Alan's Youtube channel for all kinds of great advice on Norcal fishing.

Fly Fishing

Ready to learn how to fly fish?

Sign up for our Introduction to Fly Fishing class hosted by Jose Rubio @rubio505 here at the shop. The class is designed for beginners and returning fly fishermen.

Click below for the class schedule and more info.

We are Hiring

Do you love fishing? Do you like sharing your expertise and advice to help other people be successful on the water?

If the answer is yes to both, please consider joining the legendary Sweeney's Sports team. We are looking to hire a part-time fishing expert to work weekdays, 9-6, Mon-Thur with some flexibility.

Make extra money, get great discounts on products you love, and have fun at work. Please click here to apply.

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