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Napa Outdoor Digest - August 3rd, 2023

On Today's Blog

  • Shop Update

  • Weekly Website Deals

  • Fishing Report

  • Bluefin Tuna Update

  • Gunshop Specials

Another week in the books! Not to worry, there is a lot of summer still left to enjoy. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working hard to bring more products into the shop and re-arrange displays to both improve our selection and enhance your shopping experiences. As I write this, a construction crew is hammering away building out our new Live Bait section. If you haven’t been to the shop in a while, stop by and see what we’ve been up to. Would love to hear your feedback.

As the Fall season approaches, we're making room for new product lines by marking down hundreds of items. This means you can score some killer deals on fishing, archery, hunting, and gunshop gear.

Below is a small sampling of the deals we have going on right now. We’ll be adding more deals to our website weekly, so if you don’t find anything that strikes your fancy, make sure you check back often.

Weekly Specials

Starting today, you’ll be able to purchase items directly on our website and choose one of the following 3 options:

  • Pick up in the shop

  • Get it shipped

  • Or, choose the Same Day Delivery (restrictions apply)

Fishing Report

Napa River

Napa River Stripers are on the bite! The shallow-diving P-Line Predator lure has been working the most consistently when trolling in the sloughs.

We custom-make Napa River P-Line Predator lures here at Sweeney’s. You can make your own or buy it in the shop or online.

Here is some general advice on how to catch stripers trolling on the Napa River.

  • Lures: The best lures for Napa River fishing are those that look like anchovies or other small baitfish. Shallow-diving lures are the most effective, and many people add soft squid tails to the back of their lures. Some popular lures include the Lucky Craft LV 500 Chartreuse and Shad patterns, Rattle Traps, Pline Predators, and various color swim baits.

  • Colors: Anchovy colors or white are the most common colors for lures in the Napa River. Chrome can also be effective.

  • Trolling speed: Trolling speed is important for enticing stripers to bite in the Napa River. Generally, you should keep your trolling speed between 3 and 5 mph. You can experiment with different speeds to find what works best. The tides and water flow will also affect the optimal trolling speed. Let the lure out so you can see its action in the water. Adjust your speed for the best action. Repeat the process for trolling with and against the tide.

  • Set your lures 60–80 feet from the boat.

  • Location: The best places to fish in the Napa River are in the sloughs and cuts. Timing-wise, the top of the tide seems to work best. A couple of hours before and after high tide.

We hope this is helpful!

Lake Berryessa

Trout, bass, and catfish are the best fish to target right now. Kokanee and Kings are spread out, but you may still catch them using speedy shiners. Set up a couple of bottom rigs with hot dogs, night crawlers, anchovies, or chicken breasts in any cove. Night fishing is best for catching large catfish.

Bluefin Tuna Update

Bluefin tuna are still biting off the coast of San Francisco. The weather hasn't cooperated but it should improve in August/September. The Bluefuin are being caught trolling Mad Max lures, live bait, and jigging in the open water, 30-40 miles beyond the Golden Gate Bridge.

To learn more, check out this video by Alan Fong outdoors.

Need Blufin gear? We have everything you need to go fishing for Nor-Cal Bluefin Tuna tomorrow. Rods, Reels, Line, Leaders, and Lures. Stop by the shop and get the gear you need.

Here is Alan’s Nor-Cal fishing report as of July 27th.

Gunshop Specials

$100 gift card with a purchase of Franklin Armory CA320, black grip module, and black baseplate mag.

Franklin armory Sig Sauer P320 9mm is the easiest way to get Sig’s new P320 Fire Control Unit Comes as a single-shot pistol with all sig sauer parts aside from the frame.

Thank you for reading. See you at the shop.

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