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Napa Fishing and Outdoor Report - December 1st, 2022

  • Trinity River Fishing Report

  • Peter's Sturgeon

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Fishing Report

Trinity River

Robert George, a friend of the shop and a fly fishing guide, Jose Rubio, and the crew fished the Trinity River last week. This is their report.

We started our morning early launching out of Evan’s Bar with about 4 boats ahead of us. We floated for about an hour before we touched a steelhead. After that first fish to the boat, it was on!

Almost every deep run with riffles we got a grab. We landed 7 adult steelhead and ended up hooking a fresh salmon too. At the end of the day, we pulled our boats out at Junction City campground.

The river is currently low and clear. With this push of weather, the fishing conditions should get a whole lot better. Fishing deep runs and fast-moving water has seemed to be the best bet with the water conditions. As soon as we get some rain the water in the small tributaries will push water into the main system and put some needed color into the river.

As far as bugs go, big, small and real small bugs are working. Pats rubber legs, copper John’s, pheasant tails, and hares ears are working great. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and add some bright colors to the mix. If you fish a run that looks super fishy change flies multiple times before moving on to the next run. Play with your weight and leader length too. We run our indicators all the way up to the fly line and all the down to the weight depending on the depth and condition of the river.

I have lots of dates available for this steelhead season on The Trinity. I’d love to show you everything I know to be successful on the river.

Boat trips start at $600 a day with all the gear and lunch included. Discounts for multiple-day trips.

Tight lines!


Bragging Wall

Congratulations to Peter Dunsmuir on hooking this river monster in Suisun using gear and tackle purchased at Sweeney's!

Stats: 55", 60lbs

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