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Napa Fishing and Outdoor Report - August 25th, 2022

This Week at Sweeney's

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Let's get started!

Jay Hinton

This week in Fishing

Napa River

Once again, the Napa River continues to be the hot bite. Starting to sound like a broken record here, but the Striper bite is red hot in our river. Both the boat anglers and shore anglers are catching them really good. Cut Anchovies or Sardines are working best for schoolies, with an occasional keeper. Casting or trolling various swimbaits, rattletraps, and wild things are working for stripers up to 7-8 lbs. Stripers are spread out pretty good right now, so fishing up in town all the way down to South Slough is producing fish. The sloughs and levee breaks are most consistent for anglers casting lures. The South end of the River is still producing a mixed bag of fish as well. We continue to get a few reports of Sturgeon being caught. We appreciate all the reports.

Lake Berryessa

The bite is like a roller coaster ride right now! Week to week the bite is up and down, and this week it's back up. With the warm water temps and changing water levels, the fishing action for trout, kokanee, and kings fluctuates weekly. This week anglers that are getting out early are being treated to a pretty decent bite for a mixed bag of all species of trout. Trolling all the traditional hot spots on the south end of the lake in 70'-100'+ depths has been productive. We continue to carry all your favorite lures and dodgers from Paulina Peak, Rocky Mountain, Double D, J & J tackle, and many more. Come down and talk with our Guide Austin Abernathy for hot tips and techniques. The Bass bite continues to be very tough! Head out to the Delta or Clearlake for a much better bass bite.

Ocean Salmon Action

The Salmon bite continues to be good off our coast. Although, anglers are having to search for their fish and put in the time there are still limits of Salmon being caught. It continues to be one of the best Salmon seasons in recent memory. The party boats going out of the Golden Gate and up to Bodega are all having good reports coming in. There is still time to get in on this hot action. We have a good supply of trolling balls, and your favorite salmon lures. We also got our hands on a limited supply of tray Anchovies, hopefully, we can keep them coming in, but for now, we are limiting customers to 3 trays per visit. Come down and chat with our Salty Dawg Tom for recent reports and techniques. Another one of our very loyal customers Jay Hinton of Napa had some recent success fishing for salmon aboard the New Rayann party boat. Not only did he catch his limit, but the entire boat caught limits of fish. Congrats on a great trip out, we want some Salmon steaks too!

River Salmon Action

Alex and Austin are yet again chasing river Salmon, exploring the Feather River this time. After moving from spot to spot and covering a lot of water we finally spotted them rolling in one of the holes. Feather River can get really shallow in some spots so it's good to have a jet boat or go with someone who does.

Starting the morning we hit different holes, back bouncing plugs. Worked our first hole really well. Then we moved to our second spot where it didn’t take long and Austin was hooked up on a big bright king salmon. After that we fished plugs until the sun hit the water, then we switched over to a side drifting roe. It's a good technique when the sun comes up because fish will go to the bottom and you can cover a lot of water drifting roe. We ended the day with one salmon bunch of pike minnows, all in all, a good day. Thanks for watching we'll see you next week. "We be Catching!".

Click the image below to watch the latest video:

The gear we used: (Also available at the shop). Book your own guided river salmon trip here:

This week in Hunting

Our local deer season is in full swing right now. The Local A zone rifle season is going on, and for most of the other zones in northern California, the archery season is also open. We continue to get some really good reports of bucks being seen. It seems as though the acorn crop is already hitting the ground, which may be a sign that we will see an early rut this year. This past week two of our favorite customers Luis Matias and Juan Deharo had a day to remember! Not only did Luis bag his first buck, but they both connected on bucks. Congrats to the two hunters, they get out there and worked for their success, and we could not be happier or prouder of these guys!!! If you're looking for all your hunting supplies, stop by the shop and let us help you gear up for your next hunt, and bring us your stories and pics we love to see them. With Dove Season starting September 1st, we just got in a shipment of 12 ga Steel upland game loads in time for the season opener. Don't wait, come down and buy what you need before they are all gone. We also, have Mojo Doves, Decoys, and chairs for the big hunt.

Luis Matias and Juan Deharo

This week at Gun Shop




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Hornady Outfitter 30-06 Sprg 180gr CX Yes

Winchester 30-06 Sprg 150gr Yes

Federal 30-06 Sprg 165gr Barnes TSX Yes

Hornady Superformance 6.5 Creed 120gr CX Yes

Remington 12GA 3IN 1⅛OZ 2Shot Yes

Winchester Blind Side 12GA 3IN 1⅜OZ 2Shot Yes

Winchester 6.8 Western 162gr Yes

Winchester 12GA 2¾IN 1OZ Sabot Slug Yes

Aguila 12GA 2¾IN 1⅜OZ 0B

Rio 12GA 2¾IN 1⅛OZ 6Shot Yes

Federal 12GA 2¾IN 1⅛OZ 7½Shot Yes

Hevi-Shot 12GA 3½IN 1¾OZ B Shot Yes

Fiocchi 12GA 8.6mm Buckshot

Winchester 10GA 3½IN 1⅝OZ BBB Shot Yes

Hevi-Shot 12GA 3½IN 1½OZ 3Shot Yes

Hevi-Shot Bismuth 12GA 2¾IN 1¼OZ 4Shot Yes

Winchester 12GA 3IN 1⅛OZ 2Shot Yes

Hevi-Shot 12GA 3IN 1¼OZ 4Shot Yes

Zuber 20GA 2¾IN 15/16OZ 7½Shot

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