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August 24th Napa Outdoor Report

On today's blog

  • Fall Outdoor Festival - September 16th

  • Fishing reports

  • Successful hunts

  • Catch of the month contest. Win a $30 gift card!

  • 30% OFF archery sale

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 16th. We are hosting our Fall Outdoor Festival.

Our Outdoor Festival will feature

  • Prizes and giveaways

  • Free food and drinks

  • Fishing, Firearms, and Hunting Classes

  • Big discounts

More information next week.

Fishing Reports

Napa River

Napa River Striper fishing is good. Both boat and bank anglers are doing well fishing with swim baits, rattle traps, and trolling P-Line Predator lures. As far as bait fishing, live grass shrimp, mud suckers, pile worms, and bullheads seem to work pretty well. We are fishing the river today, throwing just about everything we have in the shop at them to see what works best.

We went out to fish the river this morning and did pretty well trolling the slouths. 4 out of 4, but no giants.

The only type of lures that hit constantly were the mirror-style Rat-L-Traps. Look for red/green hues.

We marked a lot of fish schooled up in the cuts and wish we had enough time to anchor up and throw some live bait at them.

Speaking of live bait, we now have a brand new live bait section.

  • Live Grass Shrimp - In stock today

  • Live Ghost Shrimp

  • Live Pile Worm

  • Live Mudsuckers - In stock today

  • Live Bullheads

Call ahead for the availability: 707-255-5544

Ready to start fishing for stripers on Napa River? We recently rolled out an all-in-one Striper Fishing kit with everything you need to fish for striped bass on Napa River. The kit includes a training video as well.

Get it shipped to your door or pick it up in the store.

Lake Berryessa

Bass, catfish, and carp are the best fish to target right now. Set up a couple of bottom rigs with hot dogs, night crawlers, anchovies, or chicken liver in any cove. Night fishing is best for catching large Cats.

Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

8-23-23 Flows 500 CFS

The creek is fishing Fair.

Flows are dropping…down 160 CFS from a month ago. Fish early to beat the heat. Flows are still high so work the edges. Changing zebra midge colors in good water has resulted in hook ups. Caddis hatch occurring on some rifles in the evening, Birds Nest #16-18 convincing fish. BWO #18 -20 nymphs and Midge larva #20-22 are present all year long.

BWO—Hogan’s S&Ms, FB Pheasant tails, Quilldigon, May it be, micro may, juju baetis….#18-20

Midges—--WD-40, zebra midge, jujubee midge….#20-22 in different colors. Bird Nest #16-18. San Juan and Squirmy worms.

Congratulations to our customers on successful hunts

Juan De Haro and Luis Matias

260 lbs wild pig.

Brent Hebb's wild bore.

“I've hunted this private property a dozen times over the last few months and covered every square in of the 130 acres looking for hogs. There are plenty there, they’re just slippery!

I slept in the back of my truck under the stars Sunday night. Around 5:30am I was awakened by the familiar sound of a hog chewing. I looked east about 40 yards and could only see a silhouette of a big hog. I slipped my boots on and turned my headlamp on and confirmed it was a big boar. I sat patiently for an hour watching him graze until it was light enough to site him through my scope. My bow was out of reach and I didn’t want to spook him so I took aim with my savage 6.5 Creedmoor. At this point, he was about 50 yards out and I dropped it with a headshot.”

Catch of the month contest. Win a $30 gift card!

Show us your most impressive fishing moment by tagging @sweeneys_sports in your Instagram post or story. The grand prize? A $30 gift card and a feature on our social networks! 🏅.

📸 Cast your entry by sharing your photo and get ready to be a part of our winner's circle on August 30th. 🗓️ Let's make waves together! 🌊


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