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The PENN Fierce III Spinning Reel is a high-performance reel that is designed for a variety of fishing applications. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and rotor, as well as a HT-100 drag system. The reel also has a 5.6:1 gear ratio, which provides a good balance of retrieve speed and cranking power.

Here are some of the features of the PENN Fierce III Spinning Reel:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame and rotor
  • HT-100 drag system
  • 5.6:1 gear ratio
  • 300 yards of 12 pound test line
  • 6+1 ball bearings
  • HT-100 drag system
  • Anti-reverse lever
  • Soft touch handle

The PENN Fierce III Spinning Reel is a great choice for anglers who are looking for a high-quality, versatile spinning reel. It is a reel that can be used for a variety of fishing applications, including bass fishing, trout fishing, and saltwater fishing.


$77.00 Regular Price
$65.45Sale Price
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