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- This compact, light weight bracket provides a quick and easy attachment point for the Bowmaster Bow Press. The L design presses from the limb tips and compress the limbs in much the same way as when the bow is drawn. This new design works on a wide variety of bows, including those up to 6º past parallel. They work equally well on both solid and split limb bows and also work on bows with flared limb tips.

- The NEW Bowmaster G2 Split Limb L Brackets are longer than previous versions and are designed to fit large cams like those on the newer universal fit compound bows. Like the 2015 version of the Split Limb L Brackets the new G2 L Brackets will also work on bows up to 6 degrees past parallel.

bowmaster l brackets

SKU: ptdn
$23.99 Regular Price
$16.79Sale Price
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