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Napa Outdoor Digest - June 15th, 2023

On today's blog:

  • Fishing Report

  • Shop Update

  • 30% Archery Sale

  • Gun Shop News

  • Seminars

Fishing Report

Fishing has been solid just about everywhere. To get detailed recommendations, take a few minutes to watch Alan Fong's weekly fishing report:

And Alex's Napa River Fishing Report

As always, stop by the shop for the latest information on what works.

Putah Creek Fishing Report

6-15-23 Flows 538 CFS

The creek is fishing FAIR

No reports this week and flows are slowly ramping up. Some anglers love these technical challenges and higher flows ;-)

Road is open with single lane stop signals below pullout #3 where the road was washed out. BWO—Hogan’s S&Ms, FB Pheasant tails, Quilldigon, May it be, micro may, juju baetis….#18-20 Midges—--WD-40, zebra midge, jujubee midge….#20-22 Adams #16 or Elk Hair Caddis #14-16. Streamers along the edges may be worth a shot Sculpzilla, Near Nuff Sculpin. San Juan and Squirmy worms.

Want to learn how to fly fish?

“Free Fly Casting Clinic for Beginners”

Next, take a 2.5-hour class to get the basics down and be ready to get on the water.

Shop Update

Leaf through our eBay store for some excellent savings on the gear you love.

You can find all kinds of bargains and there are no shipping fees for local pickup. Check it out:

Live Bait Update

Medium and Large Minnows are in stock. Waiting to hear from your live bait supplier on Grass Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp, and Pile Worm availability. Give us a call on Friday after 10 am to get the latest info.


30% OFF Archery Sale

Everything must go! While supplies last. The sale includes the remaining bows in stock and all of the accessories, including arrows, rests, releases, etc.


Most of the inventory will be listed on eBay and elsewhere online and will sell fast. Don't miss an opportunity to upgrade your gear at rock-bottom prices.

Hurry in for the best selection!


Gun Shop News

Franklin armory Sig Sauer P320 9mm Easiest way to get Sig’s new P320 Fire Control Unit Comes as a single shot pistol all sig sauer parts aside from the frame

Ruger Mini 30 and Mini 14

Ruger sr22 and Mark 4


Summer job at Sweeney's?

Do you love fishing and the outdoors? Want to earn extra money this Summer while learning a lot about fishing?

Consider applying for a Sales Position at Sweeney's Sports.

This opportunity is perfect for kids on summer school break (16+) and retired folks looking to make extra money and have fun doing it.

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