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Ready to learn how to Fly Fish? 

Sign up for our Introduction to Fly Fishing class hosted by Jose Rubio @rubio505. This class is designed for beginners and returning fly fishermen who want to be successful on the water on their own or with a guide. 

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Build the Foundation

We'll start by helping you build a foundation within fly fishing by teaching rigging techniques, rod setup, and knot tying. How to set yourself up for a successful day out on the water. 

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Learn Casting Mechanics

Start your fly casting journey with the three principles of fly casting during the second and third hours of the class. We will teach you three actions that can be applied to all styles of fly casts. Develop your fly cast by practicing the cause and effect of your fly rod’s movements.

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Gain Confidence 

We will help you build confidence in your fly cast off of the water so that once you hit the river/lake/stream, you are more prepared and ready for the fish of a lifetime. You'll learn the terms needed to understand the many pieces to this puzzle we call fly fishing.

  • Gain the knowledge and skill to be successfull on the water.

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    75 US dollars
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