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Why Sweeney's is launching, Napa's fishing guide website?

Why Sweeney's is launching, Napa's fishing guide website?

Sweeney's Sports, Napa's premier sporting goods retailer, has officially launched a new website that helps people find and book Napa fishing guides:

All of us here at Sweeney's are very excited to officially launch a new website that helps people find and book top-notch Napa fishing guides:

Why is Sweeney's launching a guided fishing website? 

Napa is a world-famous destination that attracts over 3 million tourists a year. We see a great opportunity to help tourists enjoy more of what Napa has to offer. Statistically speaking about 20% of the US population fished at least once in 2021. Naturally, some of the visitors would want to fish and explore Napa area lakes and rivers. However, we feel that the current guided fishing offerings are too fragmented and difficult for people to find and properly evaluate. As such, guide boats remain on trailers, and anglers' dreams stay unfulfilled. is taking a new approach by allowing anglers to search for their next adventure by Species, Water, or Guide. All of the relevant information is simply laid out, with an abundance of pictures and videos. Once a website visitor identifies a guide, our individual guide pages organize and present all of the trip-related information and videos in one place. Our goal is to make it easy for anglers to evaluate and book their next guided fishing trip. 

The service is Free to the public, and there is no cost for Guides to join. Our goal is to help more people enjoy the outdoors and keep our local guides' boats full of happy customers.

For the next phase of roll out we'll be working on partnering with Napa's top destination venues to co-promote each other's businesses to our customers. If you run a business here in Napa that caters to tourists, we'd love to talk to you. Stop by the shop or call to chat with Alex. 

We are also rolling out guide-developed fishing kits that include gear and video training. Here is an example of our Striper Fishing kit: We currently have Trout, Kokanee, and Salmon fishing kits in development and testing. Look for these turn-key kits in the shop and on the website over the coming weeks. 


Turn-key fishing kits